Not every editor accepts that this is Sappho's poem. The meter is hagesichorians by the line: x-uu-u--.

δέδυκε μὲν ἀ σελάννα
καὶ Πληΐαδες, μέσαι δὲ
νύκτες, παρὰ δ’ ἔρχετ’ ὤρα,
ἔγω δὲ μόνα κατεύδω.         4

1. δύω, δύσομαι, ἔδυν, δέδυκα enter, of celestial objects, set.     ἀ = Ionic ἡ.     σελάννα = σελήνη, ἡ moon.    

2. Πληΐαδες the constellation The Pleiades.     μέσος η ον middle (of).

3. νύξ νυκτός ἡ night. The plural here (meaning the middle of a single night) is a little unusual, but is also seen a few times in Homer.     παρ‐έρχομαι pass (by), παρέρχετ’ = παρέρχεται, with tmesis.     ὤρα = ὥρα ἡ any time period, time, season.

4. μόνος η ον alone, μόνα = μόνη.     κατ‐εύδω = καθ‐εύδω lie down to sleep, sleep; lie still.