I would like give thank for the help of several people who have made Aoidoi.org a better site.

First, William Harris, Prof. Em. at Middlebury College, was an enthusiastic supporter, offered articles, suggestions and critiques. All of this has been very helpful, even when I did not always follow his suggestions. His own web site is always interesting, and has been a constant motivation to me in my own study of Greek.

Eric Oehler has helped me with a number of graphical and HTML design issues.

All the members of the original Homeric Greek mailing list at Yahoo! Groups, whose discussions and questions ultimately motivated the creation of this site.

Several Textkit members, both of the forum and the mailing list study groups, regularly comment on the work I do here. They're the biggest audience, and the largest motivation for improvements. Special mention goes to Chad Bochan and Nicholas Swift for also writing for Aoidoi.org.

Finally, thanks are due to everyone who has emailed me questions, comments or typo corrections.