is the work of William S. Annis, a professional computer geek who has been interested in classical languages his entire life.

After finishing Clyde Pharr's Homeric Greek textbook, I became interested in reading other archaic verse, in addition to reading more Homer. Since my own efforts in reading these poems involved lots of notes and comments for myself, it seemed natural to me to type those notes up to share with other self-teaching amateur classicists.

I announced this site on October 11th, 2002. The goals were a bit more grandiose then. It quickly became clear that the forums at Textkit were to become the place for other Greek and Latin autodidacts to gather and converse, so I threw out the forum that lived here briefly.

But as of the writing of this page, the main goals have remained and have so far been more successful than I had reason to hope for when I started. The Introduction to Greek meter is used in university classes. The web traffic has always gone up, and I continue to get regular email with both thanks and suggestions for improvement for particular poems.

Finally, in 2005 other people started to produce beginners' commentaries on poems for publication here, which I consider the greatest success.

So the goals for the future are basically the same. Produce beginners' commentaries for more poems, and perhaps a few more obscure poets. Do a few longer poems. I'll probably write a few more articles on Greek verse composition. And hopefully even more students of Greek poetry will be moved to write for